Introducing the new loyalty program (‘Fijnproevers’) to customers and employees. Within 9 months, STOER realised this unique CRM program that allows you to save points for discounts, gifts and fun outings.


In cooperation with the Marketing & Communication department, STOER developed and implemented an introduction and launch campaign. The aim was to inform and enthuse both internally (EMTÉ employees) and externally (customers) about this loyalty program. We developed various communication tools for this purpose.

Internal campaign:
Set up an introduction and launch campaign for employees

  • Developed various recruitment materials, such as toolkits, posters, instruction cards and a manual
  • Kick-off meetings organised to inform employees about the new loyalty program
  • E-learning modules developed in cooperation with Jutten Simulation, both for introduction and cash register training
  • Set up an internal newsletter that is sent out every two weeks with the best facts and latest news about the loyalty program
  • Incentive programme developed in collaboration with Jungle Minds, the ‘Fijnproevers’ race. This gives employees a chance to win fantastic prizes, at both individual and store level.

External campaign:
Developing a launch campaign for customers.

  • In collaboration with the advertising agency and our own studio, we developed a launch campaign that ties in with EMTÉ’s brand identity
  • Translated into various media, including a special promo leaflet, outdoor campaign, online campaign, POS materials, customer cards including card holders, EMTÉ app, new website and extra loyalty program leaflet


The meetings, materials and training sessions contributed internally to an optimal implementation of the loyalty program. The loyaty program was an immediate success with customers, and the targets set in advance for activated cards and app users were achieved in a very short time. Meanwhile, EMTÉ has been acquired by Jumbo supermarkets.

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    EMTÉ supermarkets

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    Loyalty program