Based on DekaMarkt’s new Brand Key “Celebrating Craftsmanship”, Bureau STOER worked together with SANDENBURG (concept creation) on a completely new shop concept in Heemstede.
During this project STOER is responsible for the entire supervision and management of all Instore Communication. From concept to implementation in all communication layers.


The aim of DekaMarkt’s revamped Instore Communication is to increase the perception of freshness and quality and to create a clear price feeling. How did STOER approach this? The project was divided into five phases:

Phase 1:

Orientation phase

With the establishment of a new DekaMarkt shop concept, Instore Communication is of essential importance to propagate the new brand essence. It conveys the DekaMarkt brand to its customers, employees and suppliers.

STOER drew up an action plan prior to the process, which identified the various stages that are important for Instore Communication. The phases in the plan include taking stock of all the current materials and resources, drawing up a briefing for Instore Communication for Sandenburg, drawing up a policy (what must Instore Communication comply with), developing prototypes and testing and finally supervising the development of all resources.

Phase 2:

Developing and working out all Instore Communication tools

Before starting the Instore Communication, STOER set up a clear briefing for the Instore Communication towards Sandenburg, containing the following elements:

  • Shop concept principles
  • Brand essence
  • The different communication levels for the right customer flow
  • Branding (brand recognition)
  • Navigating (main and sub navigation, department and category level)
  • Inspire (storytelling, tips, solutions, recipes etc.)
  • Inform (product information, about the brand and the formula)
  • Activate (clear price signal, stimulation to buy, action headlines etc.)

Based on this briefing Sandenburg started work. STOER chose a direction together with DekaMarkt and STOER then did the development of all Instore Communication:

  • Supervising the layout of all statements and writing texts
  • Defining the positions of the communication tools in the shop
  • Managing the production of hard goods and in-lays.

Phase 3:

Test phase

DekaMarkt Heemstede has been completely renewed, which made it possible to test various Instore Communication tools on location before opening. All other Instore Communication means were tested in a test room at the supplier Reklet. With the results of this test phase we were able to optimise various means of communication before the opening.

Phase 4:


STOER is responsible for the roll out of all Instore- & facade communication of this new shop. One week before opening we are on location to make sure everything goes smoothly. The new Instore Communication ensures that customers can find their way even more easily and are inspired to take new products home.

Phase 5:


After opening, we are also involved in the evaluation of this first pilot shop. This evaluation looks at the process, the results and the cooperation with the project team, among other things. Of course, it is also important to do a customer survey and to take all the learnings with us to the further roll-out of this new shop concept.


A renewed shop concept that is ready for the future.

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